Coogee Beach Volleyball Association

CBVA Coogee Beach Volleyball Association

Growing and supporting our community-based beach volleyball club since 2008

Coogee Beach Volleyball Association has more than 350 members from diverse cultural backgrounds.

We are proud of the cultural mix in our association and how beach volleyball connects us all in a fun and social way.

We are based at Sydney’s beautiful Coogee Beach, with 2 permanent courts and 3 additional portable nets at the northern end of the beach.

CBVA is affiliated to Volleyball NSW and Volleyball Australia.

We are social

We play social games every day, all year long. We are open to whoever wants to join and partner with other members to play a few games and socialise. We also try to organise tournaments throughout the year, and offer coaching for all levels of players.

CBVA was founded by a small group of friends in 2008 and has since become a well-run association with a very popular beach volleyball program for kids, as well as adult training classes and squad opportunities for members.

CBVA board and subcommittees are run by volunteer members, who work together to ensure the smooth operation of the association.

Respect, growth, community

Our mission

CBVA’s mission is to be welcoming to all ages, abilities and backgrounds, and provide opportunities for all members of the club to develop their skills. Through our collective efforts we aim to:

  • grow our Inclusive club culture that respects diversity and cross-cultural awareness, while accommodating all aspirations
  • promote healthy, active lifestyles in a safe, supportive and fun-filled environment
  • inspire and nurture athletes to become champions
  • grow beach volleyball participation in NSW and beyond
  • promote the awareness and reach of beach volleyball
  • connect with Australian beach culture and create strong links with the local community

Our vision

CBVA aspires to be a recognised sports club that gives members every opportunity to enjoy beach volleyball and to help them achieve their maximum potential while championing the sport to the wider community.

Our values


Encourage friendship, respect and honesty


Feeling welcomed and good to be part of the group, enjoying games and social activities together

Health & Fitness
Supporting a healthy, active lifestyle

Continuous improvement of our members’ beach volleyball skills, individually and as a team

Who we are

2023 – 2024 Board Members

President: Alessia Capponcelli
Vice President: Calvin Wu
Secretary: Loz Poulter
Treasurer: Blake Bentley

CBVA Life Members

Life membership is the highest honour CBVA can bestow on an individual. It is awarded in recognition of those who have made an outstanding contribution and in doing so have made an extremely positive impact on our organisation:

2017: Marcos Molina
2019: Blake Bentley
2021: Hernan Terrazzino
2023: Arnaud Motreff

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who are CBVA sponsors and partners?

    AVION International Freight Forwarder is the major sponsor of Coogee Beach Volley Ball Association. AVION generously supports CBVA through the season and program.

    CBVA is also in proud partnership with:

    Coogee Diggers Club and Gym

  • Why do I need to sign up to play on CBVA courts at Coogee?

    Member fees go towards the running and maintenance of the club, its equipment, and other activities for the benefit of our members and the community. CBVA also has insurance obligations as part of the club’s lease conditions, so the CBVA and VNSW membership pathways are there to ensure that the club is fulfilling these obligations.

  • What training classes do you offer?

    CBVA has several affiliated coaches. You can read about each of our coaches here. We offer a range of classes, from beginners through to experienced players. The cost of classes will depend on the type of class and the experience of the coach. Classes generally ranges from $25 – $45 and registered CBVA Trainees/Members can see the upcoming training class schedule/book into lessons via the club RevSport portal. If you would like to learn more about our training class options, please e-mail