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Marcos Molina, Head Coach of the CBVA Junior program

Marcos Molina

I coach Juniors and Adults.

Marcos is the Head Coach of CBVA’s Junior program, and one of the original co-founders of the club.

With over 30 years of experience as a PD/H/PE Teacher, Marcos is a National Level 3 Coach. Born and raised in Chile, he received a volleyball scholarship to attend the University of Chile at the age of 16, where he studied Sports Science initially before switching and completing a degree in Remedial Physical Education Psychomotricity & Methodology. Using his education, Marcos developed and taught a movement system that has been used by Olympic coaches in Chile and beyond.

Marcos has been coaching in Coogee since 1998 and as seen many of his junior students’ progress to and enjoy success at national competition level. Similarly, Marcos has coached many adults who were new to volleyball and developed them to competition level. Marcos has worked with many local schools, and he is an active member of the community, having sat on the Board of the Sydney Multicultural Community Services for the past 6 years. Marcos was a recipient of a 2020 Australia Day Community Service Randwick Council Award, given to those who are recognised as having made an outstanding contribution to the community.

Marcos coaches in a structured and systematic way. If you do wish to train with other coaches alongside his sessions, he asks that you let him know in advance.

Andrea Hutchinson, CBVA Junior coaching team

Andrea Hutchinson

I coach Juniors of all ages.

Andrea was born and raised in Switzerland and has lived in Australia since 2008. Having had previous coaching experience, Andrea has been part of the CBVA Junior coaching team since 2021 and she has a great passion for kids and the sport. Being a mother of two and an active beach Volleyball player herself, Andrea knows what it takes to connect with children and to continuously find ways to improve in the game.

For the past two years, Andrea has also been a part of a small team of coaches working with local schools and their PE programs to teach school children the basics of beach volleyball. Andrea knows how to encourage children and young adults to recognise their own strengths, and to help them to consistently improve on their techniques and skills.

Andrea takes great joy in bringing out the best in children, and she loves to watch as they learn, grow, and enjoy themselves as they play the great sport of beach volleyball – all while having some fun!

Anderson Lopes (Andy) is a Beach Volleyball National Level 2 Coach. CBVA Adult trainign coach

Anderson Lopes (Andy)

I coach Adults.

Hailing from Brazil, volleyball has been Andy’s passion for more than 30 years and he is a National Level 2 Coach. A very detail-oriented coach, Andy wants to help people improve and sharpen their skills through focused coaching.

Originally from Rio de Janeiro, Andy has been a member of CBVA since 2015. While Andy grew up playing beach volleyball, he took a break from the sport in adulthood, only retuning to the game when he found and fell in love with Coogee Beach and the CBVA community. Andy likes to consider that he re-learned beach volleyball as an adult, which he explains makes him well adapted to coaching adults as he has a great grasp of the difficulties and progression challenges adults will face on their own volleyball journeys.

Outside of coaching, Andy is a Software Engineer by trade, and you will also be likely to find him regularly playing social games at Coogee, as well as participating in a tournament or two.

Mulham Kasem (Mully)

I coach Adults.

Mully is among the very few FIVB international certified coaches in Australia. Currently, he leads the CBVA Training Program Committee and the CBVA “Elite Squad” training initiative.

To stay at the forefront of the sport, Mully dedicates 2-3 months annually to touring Europe, collaborating with international pro teams to glean new insights into concepts, ideas, and styles. His recent work includes partnerships with several Olympic teams including Brazil (George and Andre), Italy (Adrian Carambula and Alex Ranghieri) and Austria (Christopher Dressler, Maxi Trummer, Xandi Huber, and the Austrian national U21 team).

Mully embarked on his beach volleyball journey around 14 years ago, adopting a training philosophy inspired by the Brazilian style. This approach emphasizes high repetitions and technical precision under pressure. He honed his skills in Rio de Janeiro during a four-month training stint with Olympic-level coach Renato Franca, contributing to coaching elite teams.

Additionally, Mully spent over a month with Spanish Olympic silver medalist Javier Bosman, absorbing insights from his scientific approach to the game.

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    Our coaches may be able to facilitate private group lessons. To train at Coogee, you would still need to be registered as a CBVA Trainee at a minimum. You can learn more on our membership pathways here:

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