All your questions answered

  • Do I need to be a member of CBVA to play on the designated courts at Coogee?

    For JUNIORS: CBVA Membership is NOT required for Junior registration. Note: VNSW membership will need to be upgraded to U18 ‘FULL’ membership to enter any club tournaments.

    For ADULTS: Yes, CBVA Membership IS required for Adult registration.

    Anyone is welcome to join and you can learn more on our membership pathways here:

    > Juniors membership

    > Adults membership

  • Do you do Private Classes?

    Our coaches may be able to facilitate private group lessons. To train at Coogee, you would still need to be registered as a CBVA Trainee at a minimum. You can learn more on our membership pathways here:

    > Juniors membership

    > Adults membership

    To enquire about private bookings, please e-mail coaching@cbva.org.au. Please note that private classes are only permitted at off-peak times (usually between the hours of 9am – 4pm).

  • My child (under 18) is keen to train and play. Do you have a junior program?

    Yes, CBVA is committed to the training and development of juniors, and we have an active program in this space. To learn more, please check out this page of the website CBVA Juniors, or e-mail our team junior@cbva.org.au.

  • What are the membership options and how much is it?

    A summary of the Junior and Adult membership options and pathways to join CBVA can be found here:

    > Juniors membership 5-17 years

    > Adults membership 18+

    This includes a full breakdown and explanation of the costs involved which can be found towards the bottom of the page. All memberships are annual and end on 31st March. This is to align to the Volleyball NSW membership period.

  • What is RevSport?

    RevolutioniseSPORT is an online, cloud-based, end-to-end platform for sporting and community organisations. Everything in the platform is driven by your membership — online registrations, membership renewal, class and court bookings, and payments. CBVA’s dedicated RevSport page is at: revolutionise.com.au/cbvolleyball/

  • What training classes do you offer?

    CBVA has several affiliated coaches. You can read about each of our coaches here. We offer a range of classes, from beginners through to experienced players. The cost of classes will depend on the type of class and the experience of the coach. Classes generally ranges from $25 – $45 and registered CBVA Trainees/Members can see the upcoming training class schedule/book into lessons via the club RevSport portal. If you would like to learn more about our training class options, please e-mail coaching@cbva.org.au.

  • When does the beach volleyball membership season begin each year?

    Annual memberships run from 1 April to 31 March the following year. Join at any time throughout the season, however please note that membership renewal is from 1 April regardless of when you joined.

  • Who are CBVA sponsors and partners?

    AVION International Freight Forwarder is the major sponsor of Coogee Beach Volley Ball Association. AVION generously supports CBVA through the season and program.

    CBVA is also in proud partnership with:

    Coogee Diggers Club and Gym

  • Why do I need a Volleyball NSW membership?

    All registrations options require VNSW registration for insurance purposes. Annual memberships run from 1 April to 31 March the following year. TRAIN & PLAY membership fees are a combination of Coogee Beach Volleyball Association (CBVA) and Volleyball NSW (VNSW) fees.

    For more information on Volleyball NSW click here

  • Why do I need to sign up to play on CBVA courts at Coogee?

    Member fees go towards the running and maintenance of the club, its equipment, and other activities for the benefit of our members and the community. CBVA also has insurance obligations as part of the club’s lease conditions, so the CBVA and VNSW membership pathways are there to ensure that the club is fulfilling these obligations.

  • Can I return or exchange items purchased from the shop?

    Please note all items ordered through the shop are made to order. This means we do not have stock available to exchange in the case of incorrect sizing or change of mind. If an item is damaged or of poor quality, please let us know within 7 days of receiving the item via email to info@cbva.org.au.

    Please refer to our detailed Refunds and Returns Policy for more information.

  • I have not received my order. What can I do?

    Claims must be submitted to CBVA via email to info@cbva.org.au no later than 14 days after the estimated delivery date.

    Please refer to our detailed Refunds and Returns Policy for more information.

  • Why is shipping so expensive?

    Some products are produced and fulfilled locally from Australian suppliers, while others are produced overseas. Products which are produced overseas will attract a higher shipping cost. We have made our best efforts to source products from Australian suppliers where possible to minimise shipping time and cost.

    Please remember that each item you order is produced individually, and will therefore be shipped individually, so shipping costs will be additive.