The new website

If you’re reading this, then we have successfully deployed our latest website!

We’re very excited to launch this latest evolution of CBVA’s website. We’ve completely overhauled the front-end, and also simplified the back-end for ease of maintenance and usability in the future. We’ve all spent a lot of time and effort reviewing pages, wire-frames and content to arrive at a new look website which we think offers a better user experience, and a better way to record the history of the Club.

A huge thank you to Nicole and Peter Jotanovic for designing and delivering the new website and shop with us. They are proud CBVA parents, and we wish them all the best in their next chapter in QLD. Additional thanks goes to Coogee Diggers for their financial support through their Community Grants program, which was kindly awarded for the website and other equipment.

The team-up calendar

The new calendar is powered by TeamUp and it is designed to give you a better and cleaner view of all CBVA activity. TeamUp allows us to coordinate events, training session, social play, tournaments and club governance in one centralised platform. It helps us solve for the previous challenge of not having an easy-to-manage, agile, and comprehensive club calendar. Here’s how to use it:

  • Stay Organised: With TeamUp Calendar, everyone can see the comprehensive club schedule at a glance, reducing confusion and ensuring that everyone is on the same page. You can use the drop-down arrow to change the view to any single day (the default setting and recommended for clearest visibility), or you can look at the whole week in one hit. You can scroll through days, weeks & months ahead to see what is upcoming, and you can click on scheduled activities for more details.
  • Mobile Access: Download the TeamUp app to access the calendar from anywhere on your phone, enabling you to stay updated even when you’re on the go. You do not need to register or create a TeamUp account. Simply download the app and add this URL where indicated – Note the calendar can also be accessed via the relevant page on the CBVA website, although the app is likely to be a more user friendly view.
  • Receive Notifications: TeamUp Calendar can send automatic reminders and notifications for upcoming events, keeping everyone informed and on track.

Overall, the TeamUp Calendar is a user-friendly solution for managing team schedules and ensuring smooth coordination among members. We hope in time that as we incorporate TeamUp into our club operating rhythm, it will help us overcome previous challenges around court scheduling and communication. In addition to this, it is also expected that the solution will increase key person capacity as management of the previous calendar function is an area that has proven to be very time consuming and cumbersome.

The merch store

The idea behind the store was to have simple, CBVA branded clothing available on demand. We’ve had requests for more clothing options and availability, but it has been a big effort to coordinate each time with the people and resources available to us.

Here are some of the previous challenges we’re hoping to address with the on-demand store:

  • Previously we’ve done one-off orders of hoodies and T-shirts, and this meant that many people missed out who weren’t around for the order. The store allows for anyone to purchase items at any time.
  • These one-off orders took a lot of effort to manage the logistics for, which often meant storing huge boxes in our homes and garages, and coordinating with individuals to hand over clothing. The store overcomes this by producing clothing as you order it, and it is delivered directly to you.
  • We were limited in what apparel options we could offer because of the time and effort involved in finding suitable suppliers and designing. The platform we’re using now gives us access to a range of apparel (and non-apparel) items to produce branded merchandise on.

We will still have a separate focus on producing seasonal, technical sportswear as playing uniforms. These are just our first edition of products and styles, and we have plans to release new items in the future if they’re appropriate. For our friends overseas, currently we’re only keeping orders to customers within Australia, but we may look to change this in the future.

If you have any questions about the products (quality or fit) or feedback for future products, please feel free to let us know by using the contact form. If you are unsure about your order, please ask around for samples. We want you be confident and happy with your purchase.

For full transparency, we have applied a 10% mark up to the cost (before shipping, transaction fees and GST) for most products (the rest are 0% mark up). These proceeds from sales will be re-invested back into the Club. In doing this, we have tried to keep a balance of offering affordable products while also supplying these products with a purpose.

Most products are printed using a Direct To Garment (DTG) method (some are embroided), which is different to screen or Direct To Film (DTF) printing. It involves spraying a water-based ink instead of pressing a film transfer onto the garment, so the prints will be a little less vibrant compared to some of our previous apparel. The benefits of DTG prints are breathability, no cracking  over time, and better environmentally through less waste during the printing process. It’s important to care for your clothing in way that preserves the longevity of the print, so please refer to the link below for more information.

The products themselves are a mix of brands, each with their own availability for colour and sizing options. We have put the manufacturer in the product description where possible. We have tried to use AS Colour products where possible, as this a brand we have used in the past for apparel.

Some other important information you should read:

Refunds and Returns Policy

Print Care Guidelines