Dear All,

It has been an eventful end to the 2023/24 season. Since our last update, we’ve been busy with launching the new website and shop, facilitating the new 2024/25 season membership rollover and printing membership cards.

2024 Annual General Meeting

The 2024 CBVA Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on Sunday, June 2nd, 2024 at 4:00pm AEST. The meeting is expected to end by 5:30pm. The meeting will be held both in person at Coogee Diggers and virtually (with Zoom details to be sent closer to the meeting date). If there are any questions you would like to ask, you can submit them here: Q&A form

Nominations are now open until 5:00pm on Sunday, May 26th, 2024 for the 5 positions on the Board. If you’re interested in joining, please submit a nomination by completing this Google form: Nomination form

Barbie x Star Wars End of Season Party

We hope you had a blast at our recent ‘Barbie x Star Wars’ end of season event at FNKY Coogee.

A big thank you to our members who helped organise the event, construct props and set up the venue: Inés, Guido, Emilie, Calvin and Alessia. A huge thank you to Jordi for DJing for hours on end. Incredible effort.

Check out more photos from the event, taken by Rob Arbee: Dropbox

End Of Season Mixed Tournament Recap

After delaying the tournament for two weeks, the adverse weather finally had its way and paid us back with interest, delivering some challenging conditions to say the least. We had over 25 teams across 3 division persevere through howling southerly winds, regular showers and chilly conditions on the day. Seeking shelter in the Pavilion afterwards felt like sweet relief.

Congratulations to the following players:

  • Division 1 – Winner – Alice & Izaia | Runner Up – Chantal & George
  • Division 2 – Winner – Larissa & Anderson | Runner Up – Inés & Pedro
  • Division 3 – Winner – Caroline & David | Runner Up – Jess & Thomas

Thank you to our tournament organisers Chantal and Ines, for their help before and on the day.

Thank you to our supporters for providing prizes for the event: FNKY Coogee, Hair by Mladen, Chargrill Charlies, Andersen’s Ice-cream, Oakberry AcaiKiss My Axe, Coogee Diggers, and Avion Australia.

Our people, out and about

We have a few stories from some of our people who recently been extending their professional development related to CBVA and beach volleyball. We share these examples with you to inspire and hopefully broaden your view of what CBVA offers.

Mully has been abroad in Budapest to gain certification as a FIVB Beach Volleyball coach. CBVA has helped support Mully pursue his professional development by funding these course fees. He writes:

Over the span of one week, I dedicated a total of 60 hours to immerse myself in a dynamic environment of learning, engaging discussions, challenging scenarios, and collaborative work with both seasoned professionals and emerging talents from across the globe, all congregated here in Budapest, Hungary.

It proved to be an arduous journey, marked by long hours, yet immensely rewarding as it broadened my perspective on various schools of thought and theories. I was fortunate to witness firsthand and delve into the innovative ideas and distinctive approaches to the game presented by coaches from diverse backgrounds.

Each nation brings its unique philosophy and coaching methodology to the table, yet remarkably, all paths converge toward a shared goal. Embracing this diversity demanded an open mind, especially when it came to re-evaluating the fundamental principles of the game. However, the process yielded invaluable insights and a profound sense of fulfillment.

Looking ahead, I am thrilled to embark on a new chapter as an assistant coach with teams from Austria, Italy, and Germany. This opportunity promises further enrichment as I continue to glean wisdom from their coaching staff.

Our President, Alessia attended a two day workshop facilitated by the Australian Institute for Corporate Directors (AICD) related to governance for the not-for-profit sector. The course fees were kindly funded by Volleyball NSW. You can read more about her experience below:

The “Governance Foundations for Not-for-Profit Director” course covered the duties and legal responsibilities that being a Director entails, no matter the size and maturity of the organisation, we discussed strategy and risk management, as well as financial statements and accounting. It was great to share the room with 20+ professionals that, in most cases, volunteer their free time to be on the board of not-for-profit organisations for the most disparate sports (we had football, tennis, dragon boating, equestrian… could be the beginning of an interesting pentathlon!).

Besides all the theory, what I found most valuable was the conversation about how these principles actually translate into a context that might often lack resources and/or structure. Hearing the stories of challenges, success and growth across similar or even bigger organisations was equally reassuring and inspiring. It has also confirmed that for everyone in the room, the main driver to keep devoting time, effort and taking responsibility, often for free, is ultimately a strong passion for the matter at hand, and for the people involved – both the present ones and the potential future ones.

However, the course facilitator made the point that we (as in Directors, but also the volunteers) are indeed remunerated, just not with money. And I agree, it is very much rewarding to feel that you are contributing to the creation of a space where members can do what they love, improve and thrive, while hopefully getting a sense of belonging and community. There is great satisfaction in bringing new ideas to life and in feeling agency to shape the future of something we all deeply care about. In my personal experience, the last couple of years volunteering for CBVA have been an opportunity to learn so much from the people around me and to grow as a person and a professional. And truth be told, also to have a lot of fun, whether it’s building a cardboard Barbie box, or severely underestimating how many pizzas a horde of hungry players can eat, or being part of a Board group chat that is an inextinguishable source of dry humour and GIF mastery.

To conclude, I walked out of that course mildly overwhelmed thinking of all the things we could do better, but also with a sense of pride for how far we’ve come and excitement for the many possibilities that lie ahead. Most importantly, I felt grateful for our CBVA community, for the work of those that came before us, and for anyone that makes our Club a pretty nice place to spend time at – either through active volunteering or simply showing up with a great attitude. Thank you!

Our upcoming AGM is a great opportunity to show your engagement, and if you want to get involved in the Club’s behind the scenes, in any capacity, please reach out to us at

See you on the beach!
Loz, Blake, Alessia and Calvin