If you want to join us just follow the steps below:

1) Read our Rules and Regulations

2) Complete the  On Line Application Form

 3) Send the proof of payment of the fee and a photo in JPG format to membership@cbva.org.au

4) That’s it, come to the beach and partner up with whoever is free to play at the court related to your level.

Contact any board member to ask for your membership card.

Fees (From April 2017 till April 2018)

Annual Fee (renewals) :     $90

New membership: $125

Under 18 Membership: Check the Junior Program Fees

Add-ons Fees:

SVNSW Program Fee: $30 (Members competing in BBVA or NBVA Competitions except State Open)

SVNSW Full Membership Fee: $50 (Members competing in State Tour or National Tour)

If you are a member of NBVA, BBVA or hold a SVNSW membership contact us to apply for a discount on the fee.
Bank details for direct deposit are:
BSB : 112879  Acc. Number: 455800733
Name: Coogee Beach Volleyball
Ref : Your full name
For more info just send us an email to membership@cbva.org.au