Anderson Lopes (Andy)

Who I coach?
Adults (to see the levels I coach, please refer to the Seasonal Court Schedule in the ‘Calendar tab)

Hailing from Brazil, volleyball has been Andy’s passion for more than 30 years and he is a National Level 2 Coach. A very detail-oriented coach, Andy wants to help people improve and sharpen their skills through focused coaching. Originally from Rio de Janeiro, Andy has been a member of CBVA since 2015. While Andy grew up playing beach volleyball, he took a break from the sport in adulthood, only retuning to the game when he found and fell in love with Coogee Beach and the CBVA community. Andy likes to consider that he re-learned beach volleyball as an adult, which he explains makes him well adapted to coaching adults as he has a great grasp of the difficulties and progression challenges adults will face on their own volleyball journeys. Outside of coaching, Andy is a Software Engineer by trade, and you will also be likely to find him regularly playing social games at Coogee, as well as participating in a tournament or two.

Individual Coaching Preferences

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