Train and play on Sydney’s beautiful Coogee Beach!

We offer non-membership and membership options.
Please see below for more details.

Adult Trainee

I am only interested in classes!

The CBVA Adult Trainee is our non-membership category. Registering as a CBVA Trainee is a great option if:

  • You are only interested in playing beach volleyball to improve your health and fitness and/or develop your skills (and don’t need to be part of social community or play social games on Coogee Beach);
  • You are a beginner and would like to try beach volleyball before committing to full membership;
  • You only come to Coogee occasionally and would like the flexibility to book into a training class any time throughout the year when you are in the area.

CBVA Trainees have the option to book into any of CBVA’s adult training classes (beginners, intermediate and advanced), but do not pay an annual CBVA membership fee. CBVA Trainees are required, however, to pay an annual Volleyball NSW (VNSW)  Recreational membership fee. 

CBVA Trainees can apply for Membership at any time. 

Adult Membership

‘I want the option to train, play in CBVA tournaments, and be part of a community.’

CBVA Members have the option to book into training classes, play social games, register for CBVA social tournaments, attend social events, and access discounts on beach volleyball clothing and equipment, among other benefits.

All Members are required to pay the annual CBVA membership fee, and an annual Volleyball NSW (VNSW) membership fee.

Both CBVA and VNSW memberships expire every year on the 31st March of the following year of the registration.

CBVA Member Benefits

  • Access to CBVA training classes
  • Play social games on any CBVA court 
  • Register for CBVA social tournaments
  • Discounted equipment and branded beach volleyball clothing
  • Social events, including start- and end-of-season parties
  • Volunteer for CBVA sub-committee positions
  • Vote for CBVA Board members
  • Nominate for a CBVA Board position


coogee Beach Volleyball Association


An application for membership is required to help us maintain a level of social play on our limited number of beach volleyball courts. Below are the four steps to becoming a CBVA member.

  1. Application: Use the link below to submit an application to join CBVA. Our Training Coordinator will contact you about whether a skills assessment is necessary.
  2. Assessment & Skill Development:  If a skills assessment is required, we invite you to attend a complimentary training class. The CBVA coach in charge of the class will assess your skill level and suitability for playing social games as a member. If you need more time to improve your skills, we invite you to join as a CBVA Trainee where you can book into further training classes.
  3. Registration & Payment: Whether you’re assessed as a Trainee or ready for membership, you will need to register and pay the appropriate membership fees.
  4. Induction: Undertake an equipment and membership induction with our team to prepare you to play socially on our volleyball courts. Members will receive a magnetic card, which they can use for queuing on courts.

Coogee Beach Volleyball Association is an affiliated Volleyball NSW (VNSW) association. Both CBVA Trainee and CBVA Membership options include a VNSW membership fee.

There are various VNSW membership options from which to choose.

  • VNSW FULL: Required for CBVA Members and Trainees who would like to play at the State or National beach volleyball Tour. Includes all benefits of the VNSW Recreational Membership.
  • VNSW Recreational: Required for CBVA Members who want to play social games on CBVA courts, take part in training classes and local tourneys but do not wish to play at State or National tournaments.
  • VNSW Technical: Required for CBVA Coaches.

Find out more about VNSW membership fees. 


If you have any questions or require assistance with booking or joining, send us an email here.