January 5, 2019

CBVA Summer Mix Tourney

CBVA Summer Mix Tourney

Coogee Beach, 19th January 2019

Join us for the first tournament of 2019!
The CBVA Summer Mixed Tournament 2019 is on Sat 19 Jan.
PLEASE READ the information below as there are a number of changes being implemented.

Format: Mixed pairs 2×2.
Levels: AA, A – Limited number of teams.
NB organisers will now allocate a level (AA / A) according to past performances (more info to come on the new seeding system).
If you have not played in a recent tournament, please send an email to tournaments@cbva.org.au with your full name listing your past experience eg tournaments/level/location played and results

Cost: Free.
Registration: Opens Fri 11/1
Closes Thurs 17/1 1pm
First come-first serve.

at the beach from 7am to 7:30am
First games at 8am.

Another change being implemented – we will now have extra roles for tournaments including an Operations Manager responsible for all equipment, setup and packdown.
This person will be given a list of 15 people for setup and 10 people for packdown.
All players participating will be required to help setup and packdown – this will now be every second or third tournament. (All players are still required to score and referee). Allocations will be made with preference in mind.
Packdown will also be required of those players & referees on a court which is no longer required (last game unless social players take over).
PLEASE NB Those who are assigned to setup & packdown – if you fail to show up for the majority of your allocation, you will be placed on the waiting list for the tournament (or in the case of packdown, the next tournament you wish to participate in) as we will give preference to those who help out.

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See you at the beach!