October 5, 2017

CBVA Queen and King of Coogee Beach

CBVA King and Queen of Coogee beach 2018

Coogee Beach, 24th November 2018

Who will be crowned the King & Queen of Coogee 2018?
Winners will receive prizes including a little something from our newest sponsor, Brasa.
Format: Individual registration. As always, first come first serve.
Levels: AA, A, A/B – Limited numbers in each
Please sign up to the appropriate level. Reallocation will be made according to past performances and numbers where required.
Cost: Free.
Registration: Opens Sat 17/11
Closes Thurs 22/11 1pm
at the beach from 7:30am to 8:00am
First games at 8.30am.
All players participating will be required to help setup, packdown, score and referee. Allocations will be made with preference in mind and team leaders will be assigned. Thanks for your cooperation in ensuring we all have great tournaments to play in.
See you at the beach!

Queens and Kings of Coogee Beach:

Year Queens and Kings
  •  WA finalists: Lauryne, Sanam(Vlatka), Katka, Bernadet.
  • WAA finalists: Roberta, Misha, Janine, Ilaria.
  • MA finalists: Anderson, Luca, Joey, Yann.
  • MAA finalists: Gregor, Hernan, Robert, Duvan.
  • Queen A:  Lauryne Urtizberea
  • Queen AA: Roberta Marchesini (aka Robby)
  • King A: Anderson Lopes
  • King AA: Gregor Salvin