Cancer Council CBVA Open

Cancer Council CBVA Open Tourney 2015

Coogee Beach, 24th October 2015


Sun Sound rolling on the beach with assistance from Coogee Beach Volleyball Association

On Saturday 24th October 2015, the Coogee Beach Volleyball Association Tournament was able to raise $1570 for Cancer Council NSW. On behalf of the association 39 teams participated in raising this generous amount to spread awareness about skin cancer prevention. With assistance from Maddy Gough, Community Programs Coordinator for the Eastern Suburbs, volunteers educated people on the beach regarding skin cancer prevalence and the different ways in which we can protect ourselves from the sun’s UV rays.

We are approaching the time of the year when most people love nothing more than getting outdoors in summer, but research shows that we often forget to use sun protection when we are out having fun in the sun. This summer, there’s no reason for anyone to be caught off guard.

This summer we have Coogee Beach supporting Cancer Council NSW’s Sun Sound initiative, a catchy jingle played hourly at the beach as a friendly reminder for the community to protect their skin from the sun. So, when you hear the Sun Sound at Coogee beach, remember to protect your skin with sunscreen, sunnies, a hat, clothing, and shade.

Produced in 2009 by musician Ben Lee, the Sun Sound is now playing at over 60 beaches and pools in NSW. The international award winning Sun Sound expanded nationally in 2011 and will play at selected outdoor events and venues across Australia this summer.

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Special thanks to all our volunteers and congratulations to the winnerCCfotos and runners up:

MAA Winners: Bart Bolsterlee / Aaron Crook

MAA Runners up: Julian de Luna / Franky Riggio

WAA Winners:  Gemma King / Andri Courouzos

WAA Runners up: Grace Ferrari / Olga Colavecchio

MA Winners: Ciro Sirignano / Peter Alphen

MA Runners up: Renzo Alberti / Jack Ducat

WA Winners: Kateia Barenaba / Harriet Gillson

WA Runners up: Tonje Hagensen / Micaela Levy


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