August 24, 2015

About Us

CBVA has more than 300 members from around the world. We are based at the beautiful Coogee Beach, with 2 Permanent Courts and the Council authorisation to set up additional portable nets at the northern part of the beach.

The club is affiliated to the State Volleyball NSW and the Australian Volleyball Federation.

We play social games every day, all year long. We just partner up with whoever is free at the beach. During daylight saving time courts are very crowded after work and on weekends. When daylight saving time ends, games during the week are organised with our whatsapp group, weekends are still very busy.

CBVA was founded by a group of players in 2008 and since then we get together at the Annual General Meeting in Winter to elect the members of the board and discuss past and future activities.

The 2019/2020 board members are:

Office Bearers:

Anna Dahmen: President

Alex Neumann: Vice President

Blake Bentley: Treasurer


Tomek Wyczesani: Materials

Hernan Terrazzino: Systems, Operations and Memberships

Misha Kopecka: Social Events

Anna Dahmen: Legal and Compliance

Blake Bentley: Public Relations

Alex Neumann: Marketing and Communications

Gareth Mann: Skills Development


Mission, Vision and Values:

Our Mission:

CBVA is committed to leading the growth of Beach Volleyball in Sydney

Our Vision:

We provide a fun and relaxed environment to play beach volleyball for our members

We support exciting new opportunities for people to enjoy beach volleyball

We are ethically driven and we respect the diverse communites

Our image is recongnised and respected by stakeholders

Our Values:

MATESHIP: Encourage friendship, respect and honesty.

FUN: Feeling good about being part of the group, enjoying the games and social activites

HEALTH: Supporting a healthy and active lifestyle

PERFORMANCE: Continuous improvement of the volleyball skills of our members

Click at the links below to download our Rules, Constitution and Leasing Agreement:

CBVA Rules

Randwick Leasing Agreement

CBVA Constitution