Alan Wilton Memorial State of Origin Tournament:

The Alan Wilton Memorial State of Origin Tournament will be held on Saturday, 02/12/2017 at Coogee Beach.

It’s a 4×4 tournament, minimum of 2 girls with beach volleyball rules and where all team members must share the same nationality.

Format: 4×4 tournament.
At least 2 girls on court all time.
All players of a team should have the same nationality(ish).
All levels are accepted

at the beach from 9:30am to 10:00am
First games at 10:15 am.
Cost: Free.



State of Origin champions:

Year State
2010 Argentina
2011 Argentina
2012 Germany
2013 France
2014 Australia
2015 Australia
2016 Chile
2017  ????

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